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For symphony questions, please email


Symphony Expectations & Policies


  • Arrive fifteen minutes before the rehearsal start time.

  • Bring music and a pencil to every rehearsal.

  • Be respectful during rehearsals. (This includes not talking, using cell phones, completing homework, or disrupting the rehearsal in any other way.)

  • Never chew gum or eat food during rehearsal time.

  • Stay on site during the entire rehearsal unless prearranged with the Symphony Manager.

  • Clean up after rehearsals.

  • Listen to and practice music outside of rehearsals. (Our limited rehearsal time is for polishing, not learning the notes.)

  • Return music to ZYSC Librarian after the performance.


  • Fully commit to the rehearsal process by making every effort to attend all rehearsals.

  • Absences must be approved by 1) reporting rehearsal conflicts during registration and 2) notifying the Symphony Manager of any changes to rehearsal conflicts at

    • Approved absences are those necessitated by other musical or school commitments, illness, family emergencies, or major family events, such as weddings.

    • Approval will not be given for family vacations, homework, or recreational conflicts.

  • In case of an emergency or illness, communicate with the Symphony Manager:


Please be prepared well in advance of the performance day with the appropriate attire.


  • Ankle-length solid black dress (or maxi skirt and blouse) with long sleeves to the wrists

  • Black, closed-toe flats (no heels)

  • Black hose

  • No jewelry or watches, except for a small pair of earrings


  • Solid black suit or tuxedo (no pinstripes)

  • Black dress shoes

  • Black socks

  • White long-sleeved button-down dress shirt

  • No jewelry or watches

  • Ties provided by ZYSC


  • As a representative of Zion’s Youth Symphony & Chorus, be on your best behavior at all times.

  • Stay in assigned areas of the Smith Center.

  • Get prior authorization if you need to leave the Smith Center facility or grounds.

  • Clean up after yourself, including food and beverages.

  • Leave valuables at home.


  • Tuition will be due after audition results are posted.

  • Tuition is $75 per concert and is due prior to the Welcome Fireside. (Notification of the due date will be provided by email.)

  • If Tuition is not received by the specified date, the musician may lose his/her seat to an alternate.

  • For questions regarding tuition or tuition waivers please email