Fall 2014: House of the Lord


Sunday, November 16, 2014


Inspired by the 35th anniversary of the Las Vegas Temple dedication, House of the Lord follows a cast of Mormon pioneers as they bid farewell to their cherished Nauvoo Temple and answer to the call to establish the Lord’s house in the top of the mountains. This original work pays tribute to  those who made our desert blossom and ultimately paved the way for a House of the Lord to be built in the Las Vegas Valley.

Music Directors: David Skouson and Jeffrey Skouson

Script and Lyrics: Wendy Randall 

Music: David Skouson


Brandon Albright - John Steele

Kelly Albright - Catherine Campbell Steele

Jordan Bluth - George Washington Bean

Chelsea Wilson Calder - Sarah DeArmon Pea Rich

Benjamin D. Hale - Lorenzo Brown

Brodie Perry - Brigham Young

Michele Ringer White - Mary Ann Stucki Hafen

Luisa Skouson - Violin Soloist

McKenzie Tingey