Spring 2011: Lamb of GOd

Saturday, March 5, 2011


A sacred musical retelling of the final days of the life of Jesus Christ, His Atonement and Resurrection. It recounts the events through the eyes of those who loved Him and knew Him best: Peter, John, Thomas, Mary and Martha of Bethany, Mary Magdalene, and His mother Mary.

Composer: Rob Gardner

Music Directors: David Skouson and Jeffrey Skouson


Jordan Bluth (Peter)

Taylor Eliason (John / Narrator)

Sebastian Fraser (Cello Soloist)

Benjamin D. Hale (Thomas)

Kaitlynn Kleinman (Mary Magdalene)

Courtney Nielson (Mary, Mother of Jesus)

Hosted by the Sandstone Stake Presidency

President Allyn Schlauder

Robert Worthen

Dodd Hyer

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McKenzie Tingey