Prepare for your Chorus Audition



You will be taken through a series of vocal exercises to help us determine your range and vocal color/production. No prior preparation is necessary for this step of your audition.


You will be shown a short 4-8 measure rhythm notation. You will be given about 30 seconds to review the pattern and then count or clap this rhythm using any counting method you are comfortable with. Be sure to keep or feel a steady beat so it is clear where you are in the exercise when you perform it. 

  • TIP: Google “rhythm sight reading exercises” for resources to help you practice.


You will be shown a short 4-8 measure melodic pattern. You will be given about 30 seconds to review the melody and then asked to sing it using solfa/solfege (do,re, mi, etc) or sing it on ‘la, la, la’ or any neutral syllable of your choice. If you plan to use solfa please base your ‘do’ on the key signature (movable ‘do’), not fixed on middle C (fixed ‘do’). 

  • TIP: Google "sight singing exercises" to help you practice. 


You will be asked to sing a SOLFA scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do) as a solo. Be prepared to sing it up and down on solfa. Starting pitches will be given based on your anticipated vocal part:

  • Soprano I: F above middle C

  • Soprano II: D above middle C

  • Alto I: Bb below middle C

  • Alto II: G below middle C

  • Tenor I: F below middle C

  • Tenor II: D below middle C

  • Baritone: Bb (2nd line of the bass clef)

  • Bass: G (bottom line of the bass clef) 


You will audition in a small group (8-10 musicians) with the hymn “ALL CREATURES OF OUR GOD AND KING” (LDS HYMNS #62). Be prepared to sing all verses. You will be allowed to have a hymn book to reference while you sing. You will be asked to first perform the part you plan to audition for but are encouraged to know any other parts that are within your capabilities. You may also be asked to sing your part individually after you sing with the group. Your ability (and willingness) to sing multiple voice parts is a testament to your overall musicianship and a great asset to our ensemble

  • TIP: Use the tracks below to help learn each part of the hymn.

    • Soprano

    • Alto

    • Tenor

    • Bass

    • All Parts together

  • Audio Recordings of each vocal part may be downloaded HERE


You will have your height measured for chorus performance needs. 


  • Arrive 20 minutes early to sign in and have your height measured

  • Sunday dress will ensure a more professional audition

  • Note: You will be notified by email about the results of your audition within the week after auditions have completed